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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram need to comply with the new rules or get banned in India


India is rolling new rules for social media platforms.

Social media giants have to start complying with rules set out by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

According to India Today, the platforms will have to appoint compliance officers from India. That officer will look into complaints, monitor the content and remove it if they deem it objectionable.

The new rules also mention that the committee will have the sole power to take actions on complaints of the violation of codes.

The deadline is closing in for these companies to comply or be banned in India. This poses some interesting questions. Will every country demand this? Why not? If you are going to comply with India then say England, who has had it’s football players up in arms about platforms not doing enough to remove hateful messages might say, we want and English office that will oversee all content and remove what we deem hateful or inappropriate. I am just using England as an example but I would think most countries with a decent sized population could demand this.

Source: TheDomains

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