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Verification needs to be required on all offers not just auction bids


Sedo Verification on offers

So earlier in the week we saw the 2 million pound bid on cancelled.

Some wondered how could this happen? Sedo makes people submit to greater verification to bid 10,000 or more.

Additional Certification may be required:

Please note that in order to place bids above 10,000.00 EUR, an additional certification is required and completion of this process may take several business days.

Well it turns out that is only for auctions. While being tagged on Namepros a representative from Sedo under the @Sedo account, posted:


Verification is only necessary when buyers want to make bids for more than 10k on domains listed in an auction. Buyers do not have the same restrictions when making offers on domains listed on the standard marketplace as Make Offer.

All the best

So someone can bid $1,000,000 on your name and you push it to auction for some extra added exposure.

I think Sedo needs to make it impossible to make any offer of 10,000 or more without verification.

See the original post at:

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