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Launch of iPhone 12 explodes number of fraudulent domains


Apple announced, last Tuesday (13), the launch of the iPhone 12 family, its newest generation of mobile devices. In addition to arousing consumer curiosity, the novelty also attracted the interest of cybercriminals, especially in scams that seek to steal users’ Apple ID and password.

According to a Kaspersky survey, the number of new malicious domains mentioning Apple skyrocketed on the eve of the brand’s announcement. While, throughout this year, the average number of new suspicious domains was 100 per month worldwide, in September, 1,950 malicious addresses were identified, most of which were aimed at capturing credentials.

According to analysts at the cybersecurity company, the tactics used by criminals to steal this data vary. Among the pretexts used by fake websites are from the promise of finding lost devices to restoring access to accounts.

“The resurgence of scammers’ interest in Apple services shows that they would benefit from anything that caught the attention of users. The launch of the new iPhone was the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to spread malicious campaigns,” warns Kaspersky security expert , Tatyana Sidorina.

Also found phishing sites that mimic Apple support services. According to the analysis team, it is likely that the latter were created with the aim of stealing user accounts. However, the features did not work properly and were just a “blueprint” for software. Analysts add that scammers like to use these pages as a precaution so that when one feature is blocked, they can activate another.

Source: Kaspersky

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