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About to be president, Joe Biden will have to say goodbye to his Peloton bike


Democrat Joe Biden will be officially sworn in as president of the United States this coming Wednesday (20), and while he is certainly excited about the event, a small detail ended up disappointing him. He will not be able to take his esteemed Peloton bicycle to the White House – a famous gym equipment that allows you to do aerobic exercises while simulating group training.

Floated? Come on: you know those spinning bikes used in gyms and studios for cycling training? There is, in the USA, a manufacturer of such bicycles known as Peloton. Their models differ from other common equipment for having a large LCD screen, internet connectivity, a camera and a microphone, allowing you to actively participate in live classes with other sportspeople remotely.

Yes, this is a very cool (and expensive) invention, but we have a serious problem here: cybersecurity. Although Peloton has never been involved in controversies regarding vulnerabilities in its products, it is somewhat challenging for the White House to approve, for presidential use, equipment considered “superfluous” and which can be hijacked for remote access of your camera and your microphone.

The only way for the gadget to enter the presidential residence is to disable all its smart features, adapting it to make it more secure – years ago, The Verge reported that Michelle Obama also had a modified Peloton to be able to exercise inside the House White. Obviously, that takes away a lot of the fun of the device, since its differential is really its connectivity features.

“If you really want Peloton to be safe, you remove the camera, remove the microphone and disconnect the network equipment … And then you basically have a boring and ordinary bicycle. You lose all that shine and attractiveness, ”explained Max Kilger, Ph.D. and director of the Data Analysis Program at the University of Texas at San Antonio, in an interview with the Popular Mechanics website.

The newspaper comments that there are other ways the Secret Service can guarantee the cyber security of the White House without depriving Biden of his aerobic amusement: the construction of an exclusive room for the use of the equipment (in which it is forbidden to comment on any sensitive or sensitive subject) and connect it to a network separate from the rest of the IT equipment on site, preventing any lateral movement attacks.

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