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Washington police have data leaked after ransomware attack


O District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC), the body responsible for security in the District of Columbia, where the US capital, Washington, is located, confirmed to have been the victim of a cyber attack, after data leak caused by Babuk ransomware.

According to BleepingComputer, which contacted the corporation, about 250 GB of data was stolen and screenshots were provided for free, as evidence, by cybercriminals, on your dark web page. No redemption value was reported.

Screenshot of Babuk's leaks page. Photo: BleepingComputer.
Screenshot of Babuk’s leaks page. Photo: BleepingComputer.

“We are aware of unauthorized access to our server. As we determine the full impact and continue to review the activity, we have hired the FBI to fully investigate this matter,” MPDC told BleepingComputer on Monday (26).

Cybercriminals are demanding a payment for the ransom within three days, otherwise they will spread police information to investigated gangs in the state.

The screenshots provided by cybercriminals display several folders, allegedly stolen during the attack. One of the folders highlighted by cybercriminals contains information on the arrests made after the invasion of the Capitol (US Congress and Legislative Center), at the beginning of January this year.

Reproduction of the database stolen by cybercriminals. Photo: BleepingComputer.
Reproduction of the database stolen by cybercriminals. Photo: BleepingComputer.

“Hello! Even an institution like DC can be threatened, we download a sufficient amount of information from its internal networks and advise you to contact us as soon as possible, to avoid leaks, if no response is received within 3 days, we will start to contact gangs to drain informants, we will continue to attack the US state sector, FBI and CSA, we found 0 days before you, even bigger attacks await you soon “, wrote the cybercriminals on their leak page.

BleepingComputer believes that the data has been extracted from MPDC servers on April 19, due to the creation date of the folders, indicated in the screenshots provided by cybercriminals.

Sources: BleepingComputer, TheHack.

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