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New fire at OVH definitely prevents data center recovery


A new fire that occurred at 7 pm on Friday, March 19 at the OVH Strasbourg website led the company to permanently disable the Strasbourg 1 (SBG 1) data center, which had been partially damaged in the SBG 2 fire on the 10th March. The new fire started in a battery storage room. There were 300 batteries of 25 kg in it. The company reported that “there are no injured people to mourn among the OVHcloud teams or their partners. Two security guards who were disturbed by the smoke were examined by health professionals ”.

The fire was quickly controlled by the firefighters. With the mobilization of 130 people, operations to put the infrastructure back into production after the first fire were halted overnight. SBG 1, whose servers were being restarted, was shut down as a precaution. In the process, OVHCloud announced that all SBG 1 servers will definitely be moved to other data centers located on the Strasbourg website, or on its Gravelines and Roubaix campuses. The decision was apparently taken at the direction of the company’s insurer. The origin of this new incident has not yet been determined.

OVH had begun on the night of March 17 to gradually restart the still functional machines of the data center Strasbourg 3 – which is in the same area – after checking the status of each one. Yesterday, March 22, at 1 pm, 72% of virtual private server (VPS) services, 79% of bare metal servers and 86% of PCI services were already reactivated. The company provides a console to monitor the restart of each server in real time.

On the afternoon of March 22, the company’s CEO, Octave Klaba, posted a third video on Twitter to take stock of the situation. He said 5,000 servers had been received since the incident and made available to customers. “We are currently building 450 servers a day at our factory in Croix. The goal is to build 15,000 over the next three to four weeks to fully compensate for the destroyed machines, ”said Klaba.

Regarding the ongoing investigation into the fire, he insisted on the number of interested parties: judicial police, insurers, independent experts, bailiffs… “This investigation will take several months. We will, of course, share all the conclusions ”, added the CEO. But Octave Klaba intends to learn the lessons of the disaster without delay: “We decided to create a laboratory to work on different cases of fire in a datacenter, on the capacity of doors and partitions to contain the fire and on the most effective methods of extinguishing according to the case. We intend to publish these methods in open source to benefit as many companies as possible “.

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