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Donuts’ TrueName service offers brand protection to registrants

Screenshot of a domain name on with TrueName marketing

Donuts has announced TrueName, a registrant service that automatically blocks registrations of homographs of registered domains.

When a customer registers a Donuts TLD such as .guru, .money or .live, Donuts will block registrations of lookalike domain names that substitute letters or numbers with characters from Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic script tables for the purpose of malicious activity.

This is a clever way to add value to new top level domain names, providing registrants with an added brand protection benefit compared to registering non-Donuts domains. Other than technical implementation, it doesn’t cost Donuts anything to block these domains but it adds value to the end user at no additional cost.

Donuts tested TrueName marketing on its registrar and reported higher conversions and better metrics across the board. Presumably, other registrars would also see a lift by including branding/marketing related to the service. (See the image for an example of TrueName branding during checkout at



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