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Are companies flocking to the .ltd domain extension?


How the .LTD “corporate identifier” domain is resonating with Chinese companies.

I was reading Chinese domain news the other day and the top level domain .ltd was mentioned, so I did a little bit of study on this extension.

On the surface, the extension makes sense because many companies in China and other countries have “Co., Ltd” or simply “Ltd” in their names. Also, .ltd domains are very affordable to own – costing less than $10 to register one.

To find such domains adopted by end users, you can use the search term site:ext where ext is the name of a domain extension. Entering site:ltd into Baidu search returned 334,000 results including many Chinese companies such as (road infrastructure), (domain registrar), and (robotics).

However, data provided by does not look very rosy. According to the site, the .ltd extension was launched in 2016 and most buyers come from China. Registrations peaked at 655,000 in 2018 and have been declining since then. Currently, the number is about 104,000. See the chart below taken from the site.

A chart showing the number of .ltd domains registered. It peaked at over 600,000 and is now about 100,000

Reported sales of .ltd domains have been few and far between. Namebio lists only 8 transactions, as shown below.

Domain Price Year $115,000 2016 $2,300 2017 $500 2018 $500 2018 $450 2017 $275 2017 $199 2018 $199 2018

In short, do your research if you are interested in investing in this domain extension.

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