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Domain Security Report – Forbes Global 2000 Companies

Report shows that 83% of Global 2000 organizations are at greater risk of domain name hijacking, because they have NOT adopted basic domain security measures like the registry lock protocol, for those that offer it.

Companies have invested in security solutions at an exponential rate to protect themselves from the continually evolving cybersecurity threats, yet they remain vulnerable. Company domain names, domain name systems (DNS), and digital certificates are being attacked or compromised with increasing frequency, sophistication, and severity.

These are all of the fundamental components of the most important applications that enable your company to conduct business — including your website, email, and more. When they’re compromised, criminals can redirect websites for financial gain, intercept email to conduct espionage, and even harvest credentials to breach your network.

In this report, we analyze the domain name security posture of the Forbes Global 2000 that reveals 83% are at greater risk of domain name hijacking because they have not adopted basic domain security measures like the registry lock protocol.

Find out which industries and regions fare better in their security posture against global adoption benchmarks, and how companies can adopt effective solutions with our recommendations. To get your complimentary guide, click here.


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