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.PRESS Domains celebrate World Press Freedom Month

In May and June, Impreza, .PRESS and the Society of Professional Journalists are launching a great incentive for World Press Freedom Day all over the world. We will provide .PRESS registration prices for the lowest price and devote $1 per domain purchased these months to the Society of Professional Journalists.

The advent of the Internet has significantly transformed the global fabric of democracy, civic engagement, and social interactions. From online activism to offline dialogue, modern communication technologies have given a new voice to journalists to share their stories.

Digital journalism has enabled richer formats of news on the web, with real-time reporting, interactive narration and multimedia content. It has enabled independent journalists to tell their stories with a stronger impact than before.

May 3, World Press Freedom Day, advocates freedom of expression for the press. It serves as a reminder that every story deserves to be told without fear. After all, freedom of expression is fundamental to uphold human rights, guarantee a free press and demonstrate disagreement.

.PRESS domains allow journalists to spread their stories on the Internet freely. To make it easier, we will offer .PRESS domains at really low prices, to enable area professionals to create stronger online identities. For this, the .PRESS domain is officially associated with the Society of Professional Journalists ( and will donate a portion of its earnings in May 2018 to support its work to improve and protect the work of journalists.

.PRESS domains can be used to:

  • News Sites
  • Journalism Blogs
  • Websites of journalists
  • Startups offering solutions for media and journalists
  • Press associations
  • Journalism courses

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