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Fujitsu has personal and customer data stolen in cyber attack


Japanese technology giant Fujitsu confirmed last Friday, the 15th, that it was the victim of a cyber attack that likely resulted in the theft of personal and customer information. The company says it discovered that several computers in its environment were infected with malware and disconnected them from the network.

Additionally, in an incident notification written in Japanese (translated with Google Translator), Fujitsu clarifies that the investigation into the attack revealed that files containing personal and customer information were likely stolen. “After confirming the presence of malware, we immediately disconnected the affected business computers and took steps such as strengthening monitoring of other business computers,” the incident notification says.

The company reports that it continues to investigate how the malware infection occurred and whether there was a data leak. And it says it has informed national authorities about the cyberattack and has begun notifying potentially affected people and customers. “To date, we have not received any reports of misuse of personal information or that of our customers,” he states.

Fujitsu did not share details about the cyberattack it was a victim of, but experts believe it may have been ransomware, as the typical response of companies in general when attacked by ransomware is to disconnect systems to contain the incident. In most ransomware incidents, data is also stolen.

The company has not revealed what type of personal information was stolen and how many people may have been affected, and whether the breach is limited to its Japanese offices.

In 2021, several Japanese government bodies were the target of a data breach involving Fujitsu ProjectWEB, a tool for sharing data within and outside corporate environments. Fujitsu ended up taking the vulnerable tool offline.


Source: CisoAdvisor

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