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will Pix affect your company?


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Pix, a new payment and instant transfer system from the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), is already part of the routine of many Brazilian people and companies. Launched in November this year, the system allows carry out financial transactions on any date (holidays, weekends and working days) and anytime.

However, although it was launched with the aim of simplifying – and just like any new technology – the Pix still leaves a lot of doubt regarding its security, operation, adoption and operation by companies.

30 fake domains directly related to Pix were registered in just 24 hours after the official start of the registration process for the new payment system. Research shows that these domains are used by cybercriminals to disseminate malware and phishing.

As is the case disclosed by security researcher Fabio Assolini, in September this year, where cybercriminals offered an opportunity to make a false pre-registration to use the tool.

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THE Compugraf invites all readers of The Hack to participate in another edition of their lives and webinars program, the #CGLive, which will debate how Pix can interfere in the corporate environment. This edition will bring together great specialists in the financial market and the security area to answer all questions about this new payment system, in addition to raising awareness among how it should affect the corporate routine.

Join the head of growth at Compugraf, Ricardo Cestari; to the head of security at Compugraf, Denis Riviello; to the solutions director at Cielo, Marcelo Oliveira; to the vice president of institutional relations at AFRAC, Edgard de Castro and the manager of Check Point in Brazil, Claudio Bannwart, to understand the impact of Pix’s arrival on companies, what are the changes that must accompany this new payment method and which its relationship with the General Data Protection Law (LPGD).

O “#CGLive – Will Pix affect your company?”Is next Tuesday, December 15th, from 3 pm to 4:30 pm. Don’t miss out! To participate click here!

Source: Compugraf; Agency Brazil; The Hack (1) (two) (3).

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