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Invasion leads to Finnish clinical psychotherapy bankruptcy


The Vastaamo Psychotherapy Center in Helsinki, Finland, announced last week that it had filed for bankruptcy with the Finnish court, due to the lack of financial conditions to continue its operations. The clinic was hit in October 2020 by an intrusion into its network and cybercriminals threatened to publish patient records if they did not receive a ransom.

High personnel costs and uncertainty caused by security breaches have put significant pressure on the clinic’s finances in recent months, according to Finnish media. In addition, data protection and extortion solutions pushed the company into a bad financial situation and the company became insolvent.

Before filing for bankruptcy, the firm’s lawyers were negotiating its sale to the Verve health group. The deal would allow customers to continue their treatments, but negotiations have not evolved. Investigations into the data breach determined, in late January 2021, that the stolen database appeared to have been published on the dark web. The company said it deeply regretted the circumstances of that particular incident.

It won’t be the first time a company has gone bankrupt after cyber attacks. Last year, hosting company Daniel’s Hosting (DH), which specializes in hosting dark web sites, decided to shut down after it was hacked and its database leaked online. In 2016, three Bitcoin exchanges were forced to close their operations after cyber attacks.

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