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GTrends Assassin Review – Make Money From Waste Domains

Is the new GTrends Assassin software a scam? If you have had experience with marketing online, chances are that you probably have a few unused domains that are just not earning money.

Even if you do have any current domains, this tool can still help you get started with marketing online products and websites for a profit. The owner of this software, Carson Rathi, has developed his tool to turn any domain into a money making machine. So how does this software really work?

1. What Can GTrends Assassin Do For You?

With this software, every marketer can transform their domains and websites into residual income streams. It monetizes domains that are most likely doing nothing other than occupying web space and taking up bandwidth. The software then transforms them to make money from several online advertisement and affiliate programs. These domains can be easily hosted on your account to keep earning money as long as you keep them running.

2. Where Does The GTrends Assassin Software Get Its Content From?

This program gets its content from 3 main sources, which are Google Trends, article directories as well as Yahoo Buzz. It deals with the problem of waste domains by utilizing the technique of auto posting web content on the sites and provides an alternative method to domain parking.

3. How Does the GTrends Assassin Software Differentiate Your Sites to Make Them Unique?

To help you make your sites unique, Carson has input several features to help you with this, such as the keyword controls tool and the 5 different templates to allow you to rotate your websites with. The ways that it uses to get traffic is also different for every user, thus it will not cause too much competition with the search engines as there are many sources where it can draw traffic from. This auto blogging software has truly created a full time residual income on my domains, and I highly recommend it to all Internet marketers.


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