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What happened to domains sold a year ago

A look back at what domains sold a year ago and how they’ve been developed.

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Every week I post a list of end user domain name sales that took place at Sedo. I review Sedo’s public sales list to see which domains were scooped up by end users and explain who bought them. It’s not always easy to figure out which end users bought domain names, especially before they are developed. You can only tell so much from Whois records and nameservers.

But what about a year later?

I reviewed Sedo’s sales list from the last week of October 2019 to see how many sites were developed and if there were more end user sales to report.

Sedo reported 60 domain sales of $2,000 or more on its 10-27-20 sales list. I identified 13 end user sales when I wrote the report a year ago. Today, I’m able to identify an additional 24 end users. (Some of these domains may have changed hands again since the original report.)

That means that at least half of the domains went to end users.

It’s also interesting to note that 36 of the 60 domains have been developed or forward to a developed site.

Let’s start by reviewing domains that weren’t on the original end user report: $19,800 – It’s still not developed but Whois shows the owner is Great Portland Estates Services Limited. €7,800 – Mestek Technology, Inc is located in Dallas and DNB says it’s a Control, Electromedical, Measuring & Navigational Instruments Manufacturing company. The domain isn’t developed. €5,500 – Beitel Group is a real estate investment company. €5,000 – The Athlete’s Foot shoe store bought this domain for its Swedish presence.

PureNectar .com $5,000 – Pure Nectar is a line of CBD products. $5,000 – Cloud22 is a WordPress hosting service. €4,999 – Jongen Bouwpartners is a construction company. $4,500 – The domain forwards to a site for Diamond Sauna & Steam. $4,500 – Surterra Holdings, Inc owns this domain for a hemp oil brand for pets. €4,359 – Lunella offers a solution for Sleep Apnea diagnosis and treatment. €4,200 – Lucatis is a European and Middle Eastern investment company. €4,000 – MyBike is a bicycle retailer. $4,010 – It fails the radio test, but GR8PAY is an active online payments company. $4,000 – Setanta Sports is listed in Whois as the owner but hasn’t developed the domain. $4,000 – Sabbar is a contract worker company. $3,750 – The site says it offers trading tokenized fine art and art derivatives. It forwards the domain to TheArt.Exchange. $3,177 – HeliMedia Ltd uses this domain for its mobile workforce solution. $3,000 – offers consumer loans. €2,900 – This domain is used to generate leads for a law firm. – $2,200 Aguas de Valencia provides services to water utilities through this brand. €2,000 –  A restaurant by this domain plans to open in November this year. The name is German for “living room”. $2,000 – FitTour hasn’t launched yet but will be a tour package site. $2,000  – Anza is the first name of a Realtor who uses this domain for his real estate business. $2,000 – is a beauty shop.


Here are the domains I identified for my report a year ago. Note that three of the domains have updates. €11,000 – Richworks International Sdn. Bhd. is a seminar organizer in Malaysia. I’m not sure what this domain is for. Update: the domain is being used for a gold-trading platform called Goldina. €6,250 – Forwards to, the website for German company PerNaturam, which produces nutritional supplements for dogs, cats and horses. $5,980 – Forwards to – a manufacturer and developer of home fragrances including fragrance oils, concentrated air fresheners, tea light candles, incense, oil burners and other home fragrance products. $4,900 – Corpia is a financial company that uses technology to build a more precise credit risk model to target small to medium-sized businesses in obtaining loans to fund their growth. $5,000 – ClickFunnels acquired the domain name. €4,200 – Forwards to, the site for global Private Equity Firm Lucatis. $3,445 – Forwards to, the website for Comtuer, which manufactures and installs high-end interior doors. €3,000 – Forwards to, a French fiber optic service provider. €2,900 – Purchased by Journme SA. When I google that name, it pulls up information on Sénèque SA. $2,500 – The buyer is likely the French legal project management platform Closd, which uses the domain I assume this is pronounced “closed.” Update: Yes, that was the buyer. €2,500 – Forwards to, a German B2B building materials provider. Bauprofi is German for building professionals. Update: the site no longer resolves. €2,500 – Forwards to, a German industrial engineering firm specializing in molded parts, stamped parts and hose technology. They recently also purchased the .com version of this name, too. $2,000 – A Remax branded website for a real estate agent named Anza Malik, who is based in the Toronto area.


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