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Reviewing 4-letter domains sold in June

Kassey Lee examines potential Chinese buyers for recent four-letter domain purchases.

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Here are some 4-letter domains sold in June. It seems to me that lately, the sentiment regarding 4L domains is quite pessimistic. At least in China, 4L domains have practical use. There are still many companies using 4-pin names, so 4L domains are perfect for them. sold for $24,999. This is a fabulous sale at 5 figures. MYTY looks like “mighty”. In Chinese, MYTY may be an acronym for many phrases such as Mei Yu Tai Yi (美誉太医=reputable imperial physician), Mu Ying Ti Yan (母婴体验=mother and baby experience), and Ma Yi Tong Yao (蚂蚁童谣=ant nursery rhyme). The domain can be used in a variety of business fields. sold for $939. is an education provider founded in 1999. RRPX is the acronym for Ren Ren Pei Xun (人人培训=training for everyone), the title of the website. As you can see, RRPX is much shorter to remember than the fully spelled out name Ren Ren Pei Xun. sold for $900. seems to be developed already and the domain also matches the site title Qing Ren You Xi (情人游戏=lover’s game). However, the bottom of the home page says “This Domain Name is Possibly For Sale” so the content may be just placeholder. is for sale at 5000 yuan or about $700. sold for $875. offers finance and taxation services. Unfortunately, the domain does not match the site title – neither in English (Long Ben Taxation) nor Chinese (隆奔财税=Long Ben Cai Shui meaning grand and fast finance and taxation). or would be a better upgrade possibility. is for sale at 999 yuan or about $140. sold for $825. is a site operated by the company Si Wei Ke Ji (斯唯科技=this only, science and technology). The site title indicates it is related to Wechat-based selling. The domain does not match the name of the company. would be a better upgrade possibility.

Long term, I’m positive about the future of 4L domains in corporate China.


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