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Your domain name can hurt your credibility

It’s OK to not have the best domain. But at least choose a decent one.

We talk a lot about how a great domain name gives a company instant credibility.

As an example, entrepreneur Jason Calacanis recently said:

When people see a great domain name like or, this inspires people because it’s hard to get those domain names. It’s hard to have the one-word domain name and it makes you look like you have a serious brand.

I’d argue the inverse is also true: if you have a horrible brand, your business loses credibility.

There are plenty of good domains out there that businesses can acquire for a few thousand dollars. These are respectable, professional domains. They won’t give their users instant credibility like and do, but they also don’t look bad.

Then there are domains that make a company look fly-by-night.

I recently evaluated online event platforms (for something unrelated to domains). It’s imperative to choose an online event platform that won’t disappear the night before your event.

A lot of virtual event platforms are, not surprisingly, new. Some have chosen bad domains that make them hard to trust.

Consider Run The World. By all accounts, it has some great customers. It just raised $10 million.

Its domain name is

I don’t have a problem with companies using new top level domains. It can make sense. But taking a long name like this and tacking on two more syllables?

Other choices make more sense, like .live or .events.

I certainly scrutinized the company more given its domain choice. The social proof from its investors and customers was much more important given the domain.

Some other options are Crowdcast, which uses That’s a pretty good company name. There’s also I don’t love the fact that it’s on Tongo’s top level domain, but at least it plays well with the company name.

None of these companies need to use the domain But a bit more effort would go a long way.


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