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Stormshield is hacked and parts of its source code are stolen


THE Stormshield, French developer of information security solutions, is yet another security company undergoing a cybercriminal invasion. The company revealed last week that their internal systems were hacked, which resulted in theft of parts of the source code of the Stormshield Network Security (SNS) firewall software, in addition to compromising the technical support ticket system.

In a statement, the company said its platform, used as a technical support ticket system, had been breached, allowing cybercriminals to access technical support requests. The company’s customers and the French authorities have already been notified.

As a precaution, all users’ access passwords have been reset and all support tickets will be reviewed. “Stormshield teams detected a security incident that resulted in an unauthorized access to a technical portal used, in particular, by our customers and partners to manage their support tickets on our products […] Investigations [internas] revealed the leakage of some parts of the SNS source code”, Writes the company.

Personal data and technical exchanges associated with certain accounts may have been consulted. We immediately alert account owners on the portal and notify French authorities […] Passwords for all accounts were reset and we applied additional measures to the portal to reinforce its security ”, explains Stormshield.

Attacks against the security industry

THE Stormshiled is the sixth information security company to be compromised in a cybercriminal attack, since December 2020. Before it, FireEye, Microsoft, SonicWall, Malwarebytes and CrowdStrike have also reported cybercriminal attacks.

According to Bleeping Computer, one of the SNS customers (which had part of the code stolen) is the French government itself. But the company also provides services to defense and security agencies around Europe.

Stormshield comments on security companies being targeted by cybercriminals recently, especially companies that provide services to governments and security agencies around the world.

Companies like Stormshield, what provide cybersecurity solutions against the explosion of cyber threats, appear to be a new target for experienced and highly prepared attackers. We will continue to give visibility to this incident, depending on the elements we can communicate ”, writes the company about the recent attacks directed at security developers.

Sources: Stormshield; Bleeping Computer.

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