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Those are some expensive BUTTERMILK CRISPY TENDERS


Sometimes you see a domain name go for 4 figures and laugh. Once you investigate you see the bidder logic. BUTTERMILKCRISPYTENDERS.COM closed at $4,050 at GoDaddy auctions.

ButterMilk Crispy Tenders became the new name for Chicken Selects at McDonald’s in 2017. That’s when McDonald’s registered the domain name.

They even have their own Wikipedia page:

Crispy Tenders (formerly called Chicken Selects and Buttermilk Crispy Tenders) are chicken strips sold by the international fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s in the United States and Canada. They were introduced in early 1998 for a limited time and offered again in early 2002 and late 2003 and then permanently starting in 2004. In the UK, they were launched on the “Pound Saver Menu”, which offers various menu items for £0.99.

Chicken Selects were discontinued in 2013. The product briefly returned in 2015, but was again dropped. In August 2017, Chicken Selects returned to the menu under the name “Buttermilk Crispy Tenders”.

The metrics from Ahrefs are not bad, the domain rating is actually higher for this name than the rating for which had a lot more links and a lot more time online.

Domain Rating 41


1,148 87% dofollow

Referring Domains

423 84% dofollow

It will be interesting to see 1) if GoDaddy secures payment. 2) What the buyer does with the domain name?

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