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Sell your shorties 1-3 characters max.


Short names only 1 to 3 characters any extension. If it’s any extension other than com/net/org LIST THE RENEWAL PRICE, premium or non premium.

This is a new one, we have never tried this with 1 to 3 characters max and a $15,000 max budget. If everyone just prices everything at $15,000 it will just be a dud unless everyone has 3L.coms to move.

So this post is for the best name you are willing to sell right now with a $15,000 max price. 3 names listed max. There have been a few who have tried to post more names using a different email address/name same IP all submissions will be deleted if caught.

Names will get some added exposure on Twitter, which is where about one third of sales have generated from previous posts.

The post should consist of only three elements:

  • Name
  • Register/Expiration date/Renewal Price
  • How to contact

So not to waste anyone’s precious time, any post that strays from this will be deleted. Examples:

  • More than 3 names listed
  • A paragraph to describe the reasons why someone should buy.
  • Critiquing another poster’s domain name.
  • Listing price over $15,000

No need to post or email why did my comment get deleted ? If your
post does not look like Name, Fixed Price, Contact, it will be deleted.
Also no need to email if comment not approved, if I did not see your
comment, I did not see your email.

If you make a sale leaving a comment is appreciated.

Disclosure: has no involvement in any
sale and does not make any recommendations on any name listed in this
post. Do your own research on things such as value and intellectual

See the original post at:

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