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3 Reasons to register multiple domains for your site

Registering a domain is one of the most important steps in setting up a website, and often the first step in establishing your presence on the internet. However, it is also a stage that raises many doubts. In addition to choosing the domain name, you need to know: how many domains register for my site? What extension do you use (.com, .org, .net, etc.)?

If you have identified with the above questions, rest assured, you are not alone. It is very common to have doubts, especially when you are starting out.

You are not required to register multiple domains, but when you do not do so, your chance to be found on the internet decreases considerably, and gives room for competing companies or even new companies with similar names to register similar domains with other extensions. Can bring many problems in the future, such as accessing your customers to other sites similar to yours.

1 – Increase the chance of being found on the internet

How many times have you typed the wrong address on the internet, by hurry or lack of attention? Or did not find a business on Google because he did not know how to write her name? Sometimes, I imagine!

The truth is that this type of situation is frequent and can cause your site not to be found on the internet, even if it has already been published.

By registering more than one domain for your site, using variations from your primary domain, you increase the chances of being found, even if the user enters the address incorrectly. When this is not done, the user sees an error page, which can lead you to give up looking for your site. These variations are intended to cover the most common typos, spelling and domain extension errors. Hence the importance of registering multiple domains.

Of course the combinations are many, so you need to focus on the most important variations. The main one, if you want to register only one additional domain, is the extension. For example, if you have a domain with a .com end, try registering also in the .net extension (and vice versa).

By having two or more domains, the user will be directed to your site in either case, and you will not miss the visit. Just remember that for this to work, you need to associate the additional domain with the principal and configure the redirection in your hosting account. ?

By registering domain variations, we not only guarantee that the user will find the site, but also protect the domain of future competitors. This brings us to the second reason why we should register multiple domains for the same site.

2 – Protect your domain from third parties

When registering a domain, many people think they have the right to that name on the internet. However, this is not true unfortunately. Who registers a domain only has the right to use that address, which is different from the registration of mark. And even then, for the time you’re paying for the domain.

With rare exceptions, where the company also has trademark registration, no one is protected from having a competing site in a domain similar to yours. For example, you can register your store at and in the future someone else will register the same address, but with a final .com ( It will be two different addresses, but very similar, which can certainly hurt your business.

The easiest way to avoid this kind of problem is to register more than one domain for your site. In this case, you use the same name but register it in different extensions. The most common ones, which I recommend to always register, are .com and .net. They represent the vast majority of websites on the internet and users are already accustomed to using. Depending on your business, you can still register other extensions, such as .org, .edu and .art, among others, specific to each segment.

New domain extensions are also gaining support, who want to have a different address. Some examples are .site, .online and .website. If you choose a domain of this type, be sure to also register the most common extensions, such as .com and .net.

Another way to protect yourself is to register your brand and have legal support in case any user registers an address that contains your trademark. It’s worth noting that this process may not be as easy, quick and inexpensive as registering one or more extensions for your domain.

3 – Conclusion on registering multiple domains

We can see that there are at least two reasons to register multiple domains for your site. The first is to ensure that your site is found, even if the user enters their address incorrectly. For this, it is important to understand what type of typing error is most common for your brand. The most common ones include typing errors, spelling and usage of extensions (eg, the site is .com and the user types .net).

The second reason is to protect your site from competitors who want to take advantage of your traffic by registering an address similar to yours. This type of situation can confuse your users and cause damage to your site. To resolve this, you can register the domain name in the major extensions available.

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