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Why this odd domain received 227 bids at auction

It seems like a random string of five characters. There’s a bit more to it.

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I enjoy reading the daily auction recap by Travis at This exercise helps me understand what kind of domains are selling in the market. On June 4, he reported an interesting domain sale. closed at $3,605 in an auction. There were 227 bids, which is the second-highest on the list. The price is also the highest among 5L .com sales in 2020, as reported by Namebio. My curiosity was aroused.

I suspected that had some sort of connection with a Chinese end user, so I followed the steps outlined in “Three steps to Chinese end user research” to try to get the answer.

Step 1: Check does not resolve.

Step 2: Check does not resolve either.

Step 3: Enter “JCZQW” into Baidu. I found in the search result, so I clicked the URL to check its contents. is a news portal reporting on soccer matches around the world. Its name is Jiang Cheng Zu Qiu Wang (江城足球网=JiangCheng soccer network). Therefore, JCZQW is the acronym for the name of the site.

Could it be the familiar story of upgrading to It is more than that. The search result page also showed entries mentioning as a soccer site.

So I checked Wayback Machine and realized that was a soccer news portal starting from 2005, but it abruptly disappeared in January 2017. Three months later, appeared, carrying the same site name and soccer news. Apparently, continued where left off.

One possibility is that expired accidentally and was acquired by an investor. The domain expired again this month and finally went back to the original owner. To confirm my suspicion, we’ll have to wait for contents to appear on


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