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Data Analytics Online Certification: A Weapon to Win a Competitive Edge Over Others


A digital revolution, especially in the field of data analytics, is emerging as the most important innovative element for the success of an organization.

Large untouched datasets cannot generate useful insights that are needed to drive business growth. Innovation-driven organizations have started investing in leveraging data for surpassing their competitors and gain a competitive advantage. Organizations are today in search of professionals with skills, expertise and the capability to produce useful insights from large datasets, to assist them in smarter decision making processes. The importance of data analytics is increasing day by day.

“The survival of organizations cannot be imagined without data analytics”.

It assists businesses to transform amorphous data into actionable insights. Employing it as the part of management is the key to achieving this. They are the medium through which an organization can keep track of far it has come, how far is still to go and if it is on the correct path or not. Without such insights, the organization is like a visually-challenged person walking on the road who knows where to go but doesn’t know anything about the road or how to get to the destination. This analogy clearly explains what a crucial role data analytics plays in the success of an organization.


1. In this data-boom environment, there is a tremendous need for skilled and trained professionals who can deal with datasets and can extract useful information from them. Becoming a data analyst can provide you with a competitive edge over others because it costs organizations money to deal with the enormous amounts of latent data. This is why there is an urgent need for professionals.

2. Data streaming is projected to grow in the coming years, which means that the demand for data analysts will also increase concurrently. This is the right time to enter the field of data analytics. Becoming a data analyst is fruitful both in the short- and long-term. At entry level, it gives candidates the experience and skills to handle, analyze and interpret data while at higher levels of the corporate ladder, it offers opportunities to make high-level strategic decisions that affect the health and growth of the company.

3. The greatest motivation for becoming a data analyst is the inherent appeal of the subject itself. It provides opportunities to solve some of the hardest and the coolest problems. This career is mainly concerned with extracting information from the humongous amounts of data streaming into the organization’s data warehouses on a daily basis.

4. The technical knowledge and skills required to deal with datasets can only be acquired if you undergo a certification course associated with data analytics. You will be able to learn how to deal with the techniques and methodologies associated with data analytics.


All the leading industries today use it: health-care, education, manufacturing etc. Analyzed and interpreted data helps the organization to drive business growth by keeping an eye on customer behavior and preferences thereby increasing profitability and brand value.


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