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Intuit missed

Companies can’t register all domains that can be used to attack them.

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Patriot Act’s website calls attention to tax prep software company efforts to hide their free options.

Last year, Intuit registered lots of domain names defensively as reports surfaced about its nefarious tactics with TurboTax. It had lobbied the government not to make its own tax filing software by offering to provide a free option. Then it hid its free option, including blocking it from being indexed by Google.

Intuit registered domains like f*,, and to prevent people from using the domains to attack it.

I’ve long argued that these defensive registration exercises are futile. The choices are endless if someone wants to register a derogatory term with a brand in it. Here’s a case in point: Intuit missed

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj created a website using the domain. It calls attention to the free file options that tax prep companies try to hide.

You can watch the episode covering TurboTax below.


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