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Ransomware exposes data if victim calls the police


Ransomware group Ragnar Locker, known for a series of attacks on big companies like ADATA and Capcom, has found a new way to influence victims. The group now threatens to divulge stolen data from victims if they seek help from authorities.

The threat also extends to victims who call in experts to retrieve encrypted files or negotiate a ransom. This information is part of a post by the operators of Ragnar Locker on their dark web site.

Ransomware operators are extending the threat to professional negotiators and say they will only complicate the recovery process because they often work with information security companies associated with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

“From now on, we advise our customers: if you hire any data recovery company to negotiate or contact the police/FBI/investigator, we will consider this a hostile intent and immediately begin publishing the full range of compromised data ”, states the message of the operators.

The Ragnar Locker group manually distributes the ransomware to victims’ computers. Before encryption starts, ransomware looks for network resources, data backups, and other sensitive information that could be stolen. Only after the theft does the encryption begin.

Source: CisoAdvisor

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