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More events that are now using .online



2020 has been the year of the online conference. Thanks to Covid-19 many conferences including NamesCon moved online. With that move has come a greater use for .online as the conference website.

Radix (an advertiser here) published a post showing 8 conferences using their .online extension.

From the Radix Blog:

Virtual Events 2020: 8 Major Events That Are Now .ONLINE

2020 has turned out to be a definitive yet uncertain year in many aspects. Most countries across the globe had strict shelter-in-place orders that have forced businesses to reconsider how to stay connected with their customers and stakeholders. One of the most obvious transitions of this pandemic has been industry events that had to go virtual. With access to high-speed internet and applications that allow participants to ask questions and give feedback; virtual events have taken over ‘real world’ events while keeping social distancing in check. Despite being miles away, people can still catch up with their business partners or engage with a speaker who is presenting in a home studio in a completely different country. This is primarily the reason why so many conferences and events around the world have transformed themselves into their virtual versions on relevant .ONLINE domain names. And as we celebrate five successful years of .ONLINE this year, it’s also the perfect time and opportunity to highlight some of the world’s biggest events that are now online on .ONLINE.

1. | 9th to 11th September 2020

Since its founding in 2013, NamesCon has grown to be one of the largest annual domain industry events. With the spectacular growth of internet connectivity and new domain extensions worldwide, the domain industry remains one of the most driven and important markets in technology. Talking about their transition online, Namescon remarked, “While we thought NamesCon 360° was a cool name, encompassing the entire world; we think NamesCon Online is clearer and more concise in describing an all-digital domaining conference that reaches the entire world at once. This also highlights the creativity you can unlock through the right domain name: in telling your audience what you’re called, you’re also telling them how to find you. It’s the ultimate elevator pitch.”

2. | 29th September 2020

CloudTalk Global is one of the largest cloud networking events intended for all companies and individuals in the cloud sector. This year, the event is going online with (virtual) inspirational presentations from some of the best speakers across the world. The event will include virtual and live sessions, 1-on-1 meetings, and a virtual foyer for mass networking providing a great opportunity for establishing new business contacts and networking.

3. | 1st and 2nd October 2020

There’s a large and growing group of people who take a special interest in technology. TNW Transform is an event for them. The conference started with the objective of bringing meaning and insight into the world of technology. Due to global travel restrictions and social distancing measures, TNW2020 will take place online. Given the benefit of being virtual, this year the organizers expect to increase attendance to 25,000+ participants from more than 120 countries.

4. | 1st to 11th September 2020

London Tech Week 2020 is an event that celebrates the best of tech innovation. It gives you an opportunity to listen to some of the best speakers and brands share their experiences and insights into the world of tech. This year, the event will be tackling some of the important topics facing the tech sector and society such as diversity within tech, education, healthcare, the startup landscape, business transformation, and much more.

5. | 5th to 15th November 2020

The Franchise Expo20 is an online event for people who want to start their own business or are interested in expanding their business via franchising. The online event gives you a platform to meet and network with over a hundred exhibitors from Germany, the US, and other countries who have established their franchise brands across different industries.

6. | 10th to 15th August 2020

Podfest Global Summit is an extension of the Podfest Multimedia Expo, one of the largest and longest-running communities of podcasters in the world. Podfest Expo brings together podcasters from across the globe to learn, get inspired, and grow together. The event has gained significant participation over the years and is attempting to get the Guinness World Record title for having the largest attendance for a virtual podcasting conference.

7. | 24×7 Throughout The Year

The Printing Expo Virtual Exhibition is like visiting any other exhibition, online. The event offers bespoke exhibition stands that are built using a combination of 3D rendering, photography, and HD video. It’s a great platform for businesses to launch their products or services to a huge audience across the globe.

8. | 24×7 Throughout The Year

IndustryExpo Virtual Exhibition is a true ‘online exhibition’ that gives its visitor an experience that’s similar to attending a live trade show. It allows users from around the world to discover companies and products using a unique visual browsing interface. They’re soon going to launch a virtual seminar hall where you can watch the latest technical seminars from our exhibitors on demand. Will you be attending any of these online events this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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