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How Can A Regional Web Address, Such As A .ASIA Domain Name, Help Your Business?

In a crowded online marketplace, there are many advantages of using regional TLD (top level domain) for your website, such as using a .ASIA domain name over a generic .COM or .NET address, for example.

While debate rages about their effectiveness, and Google’s official line is that using specific keywords in a TLD don’t give any advantage or disadvantage in search, it is already well established that Google does prioritise regionalised websites.

John Mueller, Google’s webmaster trends analyst, wrote in the article Google’s handling of new top level domains: “By default, most ccTLDs result in Google using these to geotarget the website; it tells us that the website is probably more relevant in the appropriate country.”

While regional TLDs like .ASIA or .TOKYO differ slightly from ccTLDs, there are lessons to be learned from the benefits of using ccTLDs.

Regional Domain Names Emphasise Local SEO

When users search for something that can only be found in a specific country or area, the chances are high that websites with a region-specific web address will appear on the first page. This potentially increases traffic and visibility, attracting more customers.

Utilising in-language URLs

When you target a local audience, you benefit from using local terms and phrases in your domain names.

It’s also wise to get professional email hosting with your website, and the benefits of branding your email with your website include:

– People are nine times more likely to give their business to professionals or companies using professional email addresses

– Increased delivery and open rates

– Improved security features: better spam and virus filters

– No ads or data mining

Capture your target market

According to ASEANup, Southeast Asia is an upcoming market of interest for e-commerce. Still in its infancy, the ASEAN e-commerce market presents many growth opportunities for businesses ready to face its challenges.

Asia is considered the world’s largest internet marketplace, set to continuously conquer the digital world. For a business located in or targeting the region, a dedicated, regional TLD, such as a .ASIA domain name, can be a useful foothold. The .ASIA domain allows companies to distinguish themselves in the region and get the right traffic into their websites, helping take advantage of all the opportunities the Asian market has to offer.

Using a region-specific name can help small and emerging businesses to capture and embody a community with a combined population of over 4.4 billion and total annual trade exceeding US $1.4 trillion.

When it comes to seizing the Asian market, a .ASIA domain is just the first important step. Businesses should take note of the opportunity – this dedicated regional TLD helps companies stand out in highly competitive online market of today.


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