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Outlook Webmail – Why You Should Make a NetZero Outlook Connection

Ok. You use NetZero account and Microsoft Outlook. Are you tired of having to work with your NetZero mail in one place and your Outlook mail in another? Well then you will be happy to know that you can set up a NetZero Outlook webmail connection so that you get your NetZero mail in your Outlook Inbox just like all your other mail.

So what do you need to do to make this happen? Just two things really:

  • Upgrade your NetZero mail account
  • Configure Outlook to communicate with the NetZero servers

Complete those two tasks (which only takes a few minutes) and you’ll begin getting your NetZero messages in your Outlook Inbox right away.

Are you concerned that this sounds like it will be too much work, or too technical of a task for you? Don’t be. None of the steps needed to make this happen is very difficult, and there are some great, detailed instructions available online to walk you through ever step of the process. If you can follow the directions in a cookbook, or hook up a video game machine to your TV, you can do this.

Still unsure if the benefits of making a NetZero Outlook webmail connection are worth the hassle? Let’s think about it. How many times a day do you have to switch between Outlook and your NetZero mail just to be sure you see all your messages? Have you ever wasted time searching for an important email message in one place only to discover that it was on the other account?

Once you set up a NetZero Outlook connection like this, those problems will go away. It’ll be much easier to find stuff since all your messages will be in the same place. And since your NetZero messages will now appear in your Outlook Inbox like all your other messages, you’ll be able to use all of Outlook’s powerful messaging and personal information management tools with your NetZero messages.

What You Need to Do to Make a Smooth NetZero Outlook Webmail Connection

Many, if not most NetZero users use the free version of NetZero Mail. And why not? It is a great mail service that is easy to use. The bad news for us is that there is one big problem with this free service. You can’t use the free version of NetZero account with Outlook or any other mail program.

The good news for us is that there is a way around this problem. NetZero does allow you to connect to Outlook. You just have to upgrade your NetZero account.

To make an Outlook webmail connection to your NetZero account, you need to upgrade your free account. Outlook works perfectly with either a NetZero Platinum account or a NetZero HiSpeed account. And while it may be somewhat annoying to have to upgrade your account, NetZero makes the upgrade process fast and easy. You won’t have to move things around, change your email address, anything unpleasant like that.

To set up a working NetZero Outlook connection takes about two dozen steps. But don’t freak out! Each step is easy, and like I mentioned before, there are detailed instructions available to walk you through every step of hte process. They take you through converting your NetZero account to one of the types that can talk to Outlook, through configuring Outlook, right down to testing the connection to make sure everything is perfect. And it all only takes a few minutes.

So to sum up, making this connection will lead to more efficiency, less wasted time, and fewer hassles when it comes to dealing with your email. How can you lose? All you need to do is get your hands on the kind of quality instructions that will make the whole thing a snap.


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