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.Ai domain names

Whois.Ai completed their monthly auctions and topped the list again, it was auctioned last month but was not paid for in the allotted time.

This how things work with .Ai auctions. who makes a login on and deposits $100 can bid. If they win an auction and do not pay the full amount they will forfeit the $100 and the domain will go up for auction again next month.

The auctions start on the 4th Friday of the month at noon Anguilla time. They go for 10 days, so till noon the second Monday after that. With late bidding it can be extended.

You have exactly 2 weeks from the time the auction closes. So if it closes at noon Monday, you have till noon Monday 2 weeks later. If there was late bidding and it did not close till 2:30 then you would have till 2:30. $21,988 $5,559 $4,999 $4,937 $4,150 $4,005 $4,024 $3,532 $3,009 $2,003 $1,999 $1,112 $1,119 $1,111 $1,021 $1,000 $999 $997 $996 $995 $986 $957 $888 $885 $885 $787 $712 $712 $712 $709 $677 $666 $655 $603 $564 $562 $556 $556 $510 $505

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