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He’s back: Guy sues domain “kingpins” after being “quashed by the cartel”

Landcruise guy is back with a new lawsuit.

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Pro Se plaintiff litigant Graham Schreiber is at it again, suing* a bunch of people and companies over some alleged sleight about domain names.

What that sleight is, I can’t quite understand even after reading his lawsuit. Something about kingpins and a cartel.

Schreiber, sued ICANN, CentralNic and a handful of other companies back in 2012 after someone registered a third level domain under that he said infringed his trademark.

Since then, Schreiber has frequently posted on social media and comments on this blog about his grievances. Just last week, he left a comment on Domain Name Wire saying that USMCA (the new trade agreement that replaces NAFTA) gives Canadian courts jurisdiction over many entities and people. (Schreiber lives in Canada.)

The list of defendants includes 34 people that are apparently part of ICANN’s Intellectual Property Constituency, 21 people connected to registrars and registries, a bunch of government folks, and—why not?—Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Schreiber is demanding $5 million from each defendant and wants a bunch of .com domains owned by CentralNic.

While I don’t understand the nature of the lawsuit, I’m sure Schreiber can explain the issue and how it impacts the “World.Wide.Web of .COMmerce” in the comments here.

* It’s not clear if the lawsuit has been filed in court.


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