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Analytics Certification Training: Want to Become a Professional Analyst?

Are you looking for a career as an analyst? If you are really interested in finding your perfect job as an analyst you’ve come to the right place. You will get world-class training and 100% placement opportunities for internships and jobs in this course. You can complete the coursework in the comfort of your home via distance learning. The utilization of distance learning is of great importance in enhancing your skills and knowledge as an analyst.


The duration of the analytics certification course is about 160 hours of classroom training on different certificate courses such as Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Scientist, etc. The training is lead by extremely qualified professionals with years of experience in this field. Moreover, the emphasis is put on practical training rather than on theoretical training since this is more in line with what the jobs involve. Enhancing your skills and teaching modern techniques is the ultimate aim of professionals.


1) BUSINESS ANALYTICS– This course is drafted by experts with attention to the demands of professionals who want to pursue their career in this field. Business analytics uses statistical analysis and statistical techniques to forecast the conditions of the market and how it will affect business activities. The job of a business analyst is to determine the current trend and its influence on the business environment as well as to predict the future trends and ways to take maximum advantage of those trends. In the current scenario, it is one of the best career options because of the huge demand from business organizations.

2) DATA ANALYTICS– It is divided into two categories-a) quantitative data analysis b) qualitative data analysis. The former focuses on statistical and numerical data while the latter focuses on non-numerical data. It is a process of collecting data from various sources and integrating them so as to determine the best solution.

3) DATA SCIENTIST– In this course, students are trained in using data analysis tools, equipment and various software for data mining and data optimization. The job of the data scientist is to determine the best solution among the available choices. It involves going through a series of processes before making the final decision. The first step is collecting the data, the next is performing data mining and doing statistical analysis and forecasting using the data.


Students are trained by renowned professors with the best knowledge in this field. A 24-hour 7- day-a-week e-learning facility is provided to students along with other online study materials. There is an e-portal on the website on which students can post their questions and have discussions with professionals. After completion of the course there is a placement program available where students are provided with on-the-job training, case studies, live projects and internships. This career option is trending among students not only because of the stable income but because it is also one of the most preferred white-collar jobs.


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