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Fasthosts richest domains report was interesting to say the least


Most valuable domains published a report on the most valuable domains. They really should have worded it as most valuable websites, because that’s what they are talking about and it’s development and traffic that determined the placements.

It seems odd to me that did not make the top 10. Of course this is just one company’s valuation process. Yahoo with a market cap of $47 billion made the list, Amazon’s market cap is currently $1.577 Trillion.

1 Arts & Entertainment 102,650,332,250
1 Search engines 102,650,332,250
2 Ecommerce & shopping 59,325,166,125
3 Social media 16,000,000,000
4 News & Media 12,000,000,000
5 Search engines 8,000,000,000
6 News & Media 7,000,000,000
7 Ecommerce & shopping 5,500,000,000
8 Ecommerce & shopping 4,940,000,000
9 News & Media 4,890,000,000
10 Reference materials 4,830,000,000

Data was collected using the following sources:

  1. to find a list of domains
  2. to find the value of the domain


  • Using Similar Web data, we created a master list of domains
  • We then used the Worth of Web calculator to find out the estimated value of each domain.
  • From this, we took the top 100 richest domains to create the final list.
  • The sector/sub sector for each domain i.e. Computer Electronics and Technology, is Similar Web’s demarcation for each website

Read the full report here

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