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What domains Shopify and others bought last week

Shopify added another ‘shop’ domain to its stable.

Here’s a look at some of the domains end users bought at Sedo this past week, including Shopify buying another ‘shop’ domain. You can review previous end user sales lists here. $14,995 – Sacramento4Kids, a family resource for the Sacramento area, bought this domain and forwards it to I wonder if they will try to expand to other cities. $8,000 –, a new business for construction tools, bought this domain. €5,000 – is a Dutch online pet magazine. Huisdieren is Dutch for pets. $5,000 – Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) bought this domain. It recently paid $200,000 for to launch a new app. $4,999 – This site is still under development with a countdown timer and the message, “Decode your DNA and become a SUPERHUMAN. We’ll help you get there.” €4,500 – The domain forwards to, which appears to be a diversified e-commerce store. $3,500 – The buyer has a splash page that says “A New Interface Device is Coming”. $3,500 – Bio&Co is a French grocer that uses the domain This was an important upgrade. €2,693 – Forwards to, a Swiss optician offering the ability to order contact lenses and related care products online. $2,500 – Forwards to for you guessed it… chicken recipes. €2,500- Magicware created Medi-Log for managing personal health records. €2,500 – The domain forwards to the website for GPS-it, a farm mapping company in New Zealand. $2,499 – Skinnovation in Seoul, South Korea bought this domain. €2,098 – A German performance duo who perform rollerskating acts at parties and private events.


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