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A seemingly random 5-letter domain may be valuable

I wouldn’t have paid anything for this domain until I realized this.

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With 4-letter domains still in slump, a 5L domain consisting of seemingly random letters may not excite most domain investors.

An example is the domain CNLZD .com. Without any knowledge, I would not pick it up even for free. To me, the domain is not pronounceable and is hard to remember.

However, if you did the research, you would discover that the domain can serve as an upgrade for a well-funded company in China, thus making it valuable. I came across this company while doing reviewing venture capital news.

Chao Neng Lu Zhan Dui (超能鹿战队=superpower deer squadron) is a Nanjing-based fitness meal startup founded in 2016. Its meals are based on low sugar, low salt, low fat, and low calorie. The company operates a franchise system to sell the meals at 400 retail stores in 150 cities across China.

The matching is the corporate domain of Chao Neng Lu Zhan Dui. So, it is likely the company would be interested in upgrading to the shorter and better CNLZD .com.

There is another piece of information — the company has just raised its first round of funding of 12 million yuan or about $1.8 million. Now, if the company has the need and the financial ability to acquire CNLZD .com, wouldn’t it make the domain valuable?

Next time you come across a domain, you may want to do an end user research before giving it up. Read my article “Three steps to Chinese end user research” for some simple steps you can try.


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