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A bunch more of Jane Both’s blockchain domain names expire


Blockchain Domain Names

Sadly it’s Deja Vu for the estate of Jane Angela Maginsky Pantalone Both. I wrote about her passing and her blockchain related domains expiring in January of 2018.

Back then over 100 domains and $100,000 in expired domain auction sales transacted.

After this took place Paul Nicks and I talked and GoDaddy did donate some of the proceeds to charity. I wanted to publish that, but Paul said they weren’t doing it as a PR move, which I understood. I just wanted people to know they did do something.

Now Jane’s son left a reply on Namepros which I included in the 2018 article.

Jane’s Daughter

In 2019 another lady Leah, who said she was Jane’s Daughter left a long comment and gave her side of what actually happened.

I am Jane Pantalone’s daughter. The loss of my Mother was a huge loss to the world. She helped so many people throughout her life, and as stated, was very ahead of her time. The smartest woman I’ll ever know. I’m so very lucky to call her Mom.

Things are not as they seem.. and it’s time I got this off my chest and reveal the truth of how GoDaddy ‘handled’ this unfortunate situation.

She did, in fact, have a plan in place in the event of her death. Her executor, the Estate Administrator, (another family member, not my brother) contacted GoDaddy with the necessary info that she left him. He completed the steps and procedures, and supplied all documents that were required and requested by GoDaddy to gain access and transfer ownership.

GoDaddy denied him access.

DAYS later, they auctioned off her domains and made over $150,000.

GoDaddy rep, Paul Nicks (VP & GM), then proceeded to contact my brother (via NamePros) informing him that they’d be making a $16,000 donation to the NYPD in her honor (an effort close to her heart, as she set up a 9/11 relief fund for the disaster victims and raised over $1 million in donations and provisions).

If that wasn’t a blatant attempt at pacification for their wrong doing, I do not know what is.
In the thread on NamePros (, Paul claims to have not known of my mother’s death (could be true for him personally, but not GoDaddy) and that they unsuccessfully attempted reaching out to us. This is FALSE. Her executor was in contact with and followed GoDaddy’s procedures to transfer the account. He was DENIED access after completing all requirements.

I’m not upset at the potential loss of any money. My Mom isn’t here to enjoy it herself so it doesn’t matter.
What upsets and disgusts, me is that my mother worked so hard, came SO far, was so intelligent, and GoDaddy blatantly, greedily, and unlawfully reaped the rewards of her hard work.

I’ve waited a long time to write this, and no one may even care, but I had to get it off my chest.

Thank you.

I replied back to Leah right away but she never came back and left another comment.

Deja Vu – 24 Domains expire Thursday

So Thursday saw another 24 of Jane’s names expire. In total 26 Blockchain related domain names expired at GoDaddy auctions. There were only 20 reported sales in 2020 before this. Two of the names belonged to a lawyer in California. They were and

It’s sad to see more of Jane’s domains expire and the money not go to family or causes she loved and supported. 3,655 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 1,840 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 996 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 806 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 697 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 522 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 518 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 400 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 287 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 243 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 235 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 225 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 220 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 204 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 193 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 177 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 177 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 174 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 171 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 165 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 142 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 127 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 125 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 117 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 111 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy 105 USD 2020-05-14 GoDaddy

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