No Comments raises $450m a look at the history of this premium .com just raised $450 million, according to TechCrunch, the company wants to build a one-stop shop for all things related to payments, such as accepting transactions, processing them and detecting fraud.

It focuses on large merchants and tries to make its product as customizable as possible so that you integrate it as an infrastructure partner in your product.

Looking back at the history of the name, it was once owned by seasoned domain investor Chad Wright. Chad looks to have sold it sometime in 2009. The registrant moved the name to Joker from Moniker. Their name was Net Merchant. is now for sale on Afternic.

The payments company was founded in 2012, Bluedust Capital became the registrant and now it is Cko Technology Services Limited. They also own and

What I thought was interesting was the registration date, 2002. I usually go over to Domain Tools to see how many times it dropped previously? They did not have any mentions of drops. That happens sometime.

I went to and found the first iteration of back in 1996. It looks like they went til 2001 and then the company behind got acquired.

They announced the site would close and someone let the domain name drop.


I always think it’s interesting to see the history of a premium .com and how it got from here to there.

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