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Awareness of the human factor has always been a key factor in any information security strategy. Now that remote work is a reality for most companies, it becomes even more crucial to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities to ensure the protection of their personal and corporate data considered sensitive – after all, they will be operating in different parts of the country, away from IT supervision.

The informality of the residential environment creates a series of new threats that didn’t exist (or were rare) in the office. Because of the speed with which companies had to send their employees home, most professionals are working with personal devices, not managed laptops / notebooks. This sets a precedent for access to critical systems to be made on outdated computers, without protection software and with disabled security controls.

And do you, as a user, think you are well trained to recognize and avoid online threats? How about testing your level of awareness through a game that analyzes your daily behavior and tells you how prepared you are? That is why Compugraf, in partnership with Check Point, developed the Protection Game, fun material for you to analyze your own attitudes in the workplace.

If you want to know more about the Protection Game, just click this link to download the PDF; in addition to the game in question (check the options sincerely!), it also includes tips to improve your security while working remotely.

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