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Why Squadhelp’s new white label marketplace is worth a look

A lot is going on under the hood with Squadhelp’s new marketplace option.

Screenshot of a Squadhelp white label marketplace

Squadhelp’s white label domain marketplace option is about more than creating a marketplace.

SquadHelp announced its new white label marketplace option today. It enables domain investors to create their own marketplace of domain names.

I wasn’t excited when I first read about this. There are several options out there for creating a marketplace for your domains. I’ve never been a fan of this because I find it unlikely that someone will land on your marketplace, search for a domain, and buy it.

But Squadhelp buries the lede with its announcement. What the white label marketplace really lets you do is set up great landing pages for your domains with added features and low commissions.

When you add domains to your white label marketplace through Squadhelp, you get:

  1. A good landing page for your domain. See for an example.
  2. 24/7 live chat and phone support on that landing page. I think this is huge. Buyers with questions can chat with a human to resolve any questions.
  3. Squadhelp remarkets your domains to people who land on them through retargeting ads across the web.
  4. Add logos to your domains for $5.  (A logo is required to get remarketing. Logos are free if they are approved as premium domains in Squadhelp’s marketplace.)
  5. 7.5% sales commission.

I talked about this new platform and how domainers can use Squadhelp’s tools with Squadhelp CEO Darpan Munjal on this week’s DNW Podcast.

You can see the marketplace I set up here.


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