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Urgent! Alleged NET data leak affects almost 28 million Brazilians


The Hack obtained exclusive information regarding an alleged data leak from the late NET, a Brazilian telecommunications company that was purchased by Claro and ceased to be an independent brand in 2019. The database would have been breached in 2018 by a cyber criminal identified simply as gr4c3ann, who decided to put the collection of information up for sale in a forum on October 21st.

The malicious agent claims that the leak includes personal data from exactly 27,864,499 NET customers, including pay TV, broadband and fixed-line customers. The information exposed is summarized in full name, date of birth, gender, CPF (or CNPJ), email, phone number and full address with zip code. Despite revealing a sample of the collection, gr4c3ann does not reveal how much it is asking for the database.

Sample of supposed NET data leak

Attesting to such a leak, The Hack received, on the afternoon of last Saturday (31), from an anonymous source, a CSV file that theoretically would be part of the leaked data from NET. The file contains personal information for 888,727 people, a much smaller number than that declared by the criminal; however, the data exactly match those announced by gr4c3ann, including some additional details as a form of payment.

The Hack got in touch with Claro / NET’s press office and we will update this report as soon as the company comments.

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