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The biggest VPN organization will merge with the Domain Name Association

Combined association will be the largest internet infrastructure advocacy group in North America

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) and the Domain Name Association (DNA) have announced their intent to merge and the combined association will form the largest internet infrastructure advocacy group in North America.

The i2Coalition is a group of global internet infrastructure providers and technology firms who support the growth of the internet while DNA is a nonprofit global business association that represents the interests of the domain name industry.

The i2Coalition is also the creator of the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI) which is an industry-led and member-driven consortium of VPN business leaders working to improve consumer’s digital safety by building understanding, strengthening trust and mitigating risk for VPN users.

The combined association will operate under the name i2Coaltion while maintaining the i2Coaltion’s existing organizational and management structure. Two of the DNA’s members will join its Board of Directors and a DNA-branded working group will also be created to continue to advance the association’s mission.

i2Coalition and DNA merger

Through the merger, the mission of the DNA will be empowered by i2Coalition’s working groups and associated initiatives.

The strategic alliance between the two organizations will be effective on July 28 and the combined association will be the most complete representation of the internet industry in North America. Additionally, the merger will enable access to an expanded set of resources and economies of scale that will allow the collective to launch more far-reaching and expansive campaigns to help ensure that policy doesn’t impede growth, knowledge and access to the internet and its resources.

Co-founder of the i2Coalition Christian Dawson provided further insight on the merger in a press release, saying;

“The merger of our organizations underpins the mission of both the DNA and the i2Coalition, combining our mutual dedication to Internet industry best practices and policies to empower continued growth. Combined, we represent over 100 organization members and their online business interests. Our commitment to the DNA’s mission is at the core of this merger, and the priorities of both organizations remain as strong as ever. We look forward to going forth with the expanded capabilities and amplified voice that this newly formed collaborative provides.”


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