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PF apprehends about R$10 million at home of hacker accused of bank fraud


The Federal Police seized on Wednesday morning, 3, about R $ 10 million at the home of a hacker, whose name was not revealed, accused of defrauding bank accounts of Caixa Econômica Federal. The seizure is the result of Operation Creeper, launched today with the objective of combating crimes of bank fraud, computer device invasion and money laundering.

The hacker whose performance was discovered is considered to be one of the most active in Brazil, and the evidence indicates that he created malicious programs to practice fraud and used a sophisticated money laundering scheme, derived from the subtraction of account values. , among others, through the use of cryptography, perpetrated by the nucleus responsible for money laundering.

The operation counted on the participation of 40 federal police officers, who carried out eight search and seizure warrants in the homes of those investigated in the municipalities of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Guarapari and São Paulo.

The investigation started in the face of the discovery of fraud in Caixa’s bank accounts, resulting from a report produced by the PF. The production of the information resulted from the work of the Tentacles Task Force, which is a partnership between the Federal Police and financial institutions in the fight against bank fraud.

The investigations showed that accounts were hacked. He had been working on the development of malicious programs to infect computer devices in order to obtain data and practice subtracting money from hacked bank accounts.

Investigated crimes

The investigated will answer for the crimes of invasion to the computer device provided for in art. 154-A, second paragraph, for the production of a program for the invasion, provided for in the first paragraph of art. 154-A, both of the Penal Code, of theft through fraud, referring to the practice of bank fraud, provided for in art. 155, paragraph four, item II of the Penal Code, of criminal association with the practice of more than one crime through no at least three persons, provided for in art. 288 of the Penal Code and, finally, in view of the concealment of financial transactions arising from the practice of proven crimes of money laundering, provided for in Article 1 of Law 9,613 / 98.

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