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The meta registrations won’t quit and someone went Meta Crazy on Facebook names


This meta registration craze continues to gather momentum. Back on October 11 I did a post taking a look behind the keyword Meta. Some incredible sales have fueled speculation, like for $60,000, at $53,450 that one was 9 days old. was registered at Dynadot two weeks ago and sold for $35,000 at Sedo. The name was 122 days old when it sold for $44,000 at DAN. sold for $30,000 on 9/28. Registered in 2021. $149,000 sale.

Then there is the Facebook rebranding news, and many have speculated they might rebrand to Meta or Metaverse. Horizon and Connect are also both on the table according to some reports.

I have been keeping track of Meta related registrations daily. This last batch is insane, 1,333 and look at all the Facebook related names.


Why would you register a .cricket? It’s good to be a registrar. Besides the Facebook related names, and stood out those should be interesting end users.

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