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Smartphone app shows SIEM threat alerts integrated into SOC


With the popularization of remote work, the contemporary professional has become even more “mobile” – even after it is safe to leave our homes without fear of contracting COVID-19, the new normal will make the possibility of working wherever we want from highly portable equipment a reality. And, of course, this trend also needs to be followed in the area of ​​information security.

With that in mind, iT.eam (a company that operates in the area of ​​information security, analytics and asset management) decided to launch the Security AnyWhere (SAW), an application integrated with your security operations center solution (Security Operations Center or SOC). Integrated with the IBM QRadar threat identification solution, the program allows managers to receive notifications and act on incidents on the smartphone screen and in virtually real time.

“One of the premises that I always asked our SOC team for, was that we could not rely on manual actions by analysts to know what was happening in the safety of our customers. We had to know everything fast to act fast! And with that came the idea of ​​creating a solution that would help us to meet this premise ”, explains Thomaz Russi, CEO and founder of iT.eam.

Disclosure: iT.eam

In addition to issuing threat notifications, the app allows you to track alert details in real time (with data like creation date and time, status, severity, operator, domain, etc.), adding notes, assigning tasks and ending an incident. It is a holistic view of everything that happens in your company from a simple mobile device. SAW also has resources from IBM Watson for understanding and interpreting speech to conduct research.

“When the SAW development project started in our Research and Innovation area, for me it was essential that the solution was born security by design. And so it was done! The solution is end-to-end built using secure cloud platforms, and the codes are tested to ensure that there are no security holes, ”says Dirceu Soares, SOC manager at iT.eam, ensuring that SAW collects minimal data possible.

Disclosure: iT.eam

Daniel Moraes, team leader, adds: “Approximately 8,000 hours were spent between design, development and testing, until the release in production in our SOC. The backlog is already big and news will be released soon ”. The solution has been in use at iT.eam’s internal SOC for three months and is being revealed to the public today (30), with The Hack reader getting to know it firsthand. More details on the company’s official website.

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