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Sferyx JSyndrome HTML Editor Control

Sferyx JSyndrome is a full featured Visual HTML / XHTML Editor Java Bean component. This HTML editor component is appropriate for use in any kind of Java applications that requires advanced HTML document authoring or document creation. It comprises of all the essential feature to create any complicated HTML document visually, like designing tables, inserting images, page backgrounds, editing text and paragraphs, and also spellchecker, Search/Replace Source editor.

Sferyx JSyndrome incorporates very easily with any Java application. It provides total copy and paste and drag and drop from MS Word and MS Office, Open Office and various other applications with automatic filtering and publishing of the proprietary tags. It helps in the automatic upload with the support for PHP, ASP/.Net, JSP/Servlets, ColdFusion and others as multipart form data. It also provides direct amalgamation with IBM Lotus Notes, SAKAI, DRUPAL and various others.

Sferyx JSyndrome is well equipped to be use as a component inside any application or as applet for instance in Content Management System, CRM solution, Site management etc. The Java HTML Editor component can very easily be assimilated into already existing application. This is possible as it has a steady API which allows it to have full customization as per customer requirement. The main feature can be configured visually as it can be added into the component palette of a Java IDE. End user can publish any kind of content with the help of automatic uploading features ranging from images, rich text content to all hyperlink targets like PDF files, word documents and all local files attached to the edited document. Users are able to insert any content from anywhere into the edited document with minimal effort with the help of local and remote file browsing features.

Sferyx JSyndrome has a full range of functionalities as compared to popular web authoring packages and also provides recognizable text processing interface. This editor component can be fully customized as per requirement. The Applet Edition is less than 200KB and can be easily configured in various developer’s products or packages of providers especially for ISP’s ASP’s and VAR’s. This editor is a Java based product and is also tested under windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris. To cater to the requirements of different users it is classified into three versions: light professional, enterprise and tree editions. It is very flexible and ha s a competitive licensing policy. It offers the best option for pricing in the market which is inclusive of the retail products being guaranteed with 30 days start up e-mail support. It also fulfills customer’s requirements related to a range of customization services. It provides complete international encoding support for the display and editing of pages in various languages.

The professional and enterprise version of this HTML editor component make it possible for the web designers to use the editor as development platform for editing HTML source code, applying style sheets, create read-only sections inside the document. It functions on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista 7, Solaris, Sun Java Desktop System and its configuration system. Its Java API and configuration allows incorporation with any kind of Java Applications and server side scripts for saving and recovering documents, inserting images, hyperlinks and others.


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