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Push Domain Names

Sometimes, online entrepreneurs may like to change ownership of their domain names to another person. In this case, do they have to wait till their domain names expire in order to change the ownership? Nope, there is one option that has really made the process of changing domain name ownership easy. With domain name push option service, you won’t get any problems when changing ownership of the domain name. All you have to ensure is that you and the person whom you want to push it to have an account with the same registrar. If not, then the whole process is impossible.

The term push is used to mean move. Of course, domain names are not tangible goods. They cannot be shipped like goods. They are simply names sold on the internet. Ha… ha, people are just selling words on the internet! It is true that some people have sold these names for millions of dollars. Do you believe this? If no, then inquire how much was sold for on January, 2006.

Domain names being intangible, they cannot be packed and shipped. They can only be moved (push domain name). This moving makes it easy for the domain names to be sold on the internet. It is all about identifying a reputable and accredited registrar company to buy your domain name from. You must have an account so as to register your domain name with that registrar company.

In your account, there is an option for ‘Push Domain Name.’ This service may be for free or you may have to pay some amount of money in order to use it. After moving the domain name to another person that person now becomes the rightful owner and he may now transfer it to another domain name registrar company of his own choice.

There exists a difference between transferring a domain name and push domain name. When you transfer a domain name, it means that you shift it from one Registrar Company to another. On the other hand, push domain name does not mean changing the domain name registrar company. It just means moving it from one account to another account within the same domain name registrar company.


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