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proxy allows access to all the classic pages of the birth of the internet

The commercial internet became popular in Brazil around 1996, at a time when “everything was still in the woods”. During the first 10 years of the internet, the web operated on a new model, still underdeveloped and mostly experimental. This “archaic” internet can be very nostalgic even for those who have not lived through the “golden years” of the web.

Fortunately, a free proxy service called The Old Net allows its users to travel through time and navigate the early Internet era (between 1996 and 2012), accessing the old versions of any page, instead of its current version.

The Old Net operates as a proxy server, redirecting the user to old Internet pages, hosted on The Internet Archive.

To use, just configure the proxy and the browser must display the old version (if any) of all sites that are opened. As it is also possible to access the pages within The Old Net platform, without the need to configure a proxy.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the first Internet search engine,, at a time when Google didn’t even exist. Can you imagine? But if the 1996 Yahoo design is no longer bearable for you, you can also access the Apple and Electronic Arts website from 1997, as well as many other classics that have contributed to the development of the web to this day.

In this video, YouTuber Michel MJD explains how to configure the necessary porxy to access The Old Net, as well as comments on the platform’s functions and tools. What’s up? How about showing kids today what the online cyber experience of 1996 was like? Look!

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