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The new region will be located in Vinhedo, São Paulo, will have a data center and interconnectivity with Microsoft Azure. The initiative has clients such as TIM, SKY, Rumo and Sky.One

Oracle announced today, 12, a second data center region in Brazil, located in Vinhedo, São Paulo. With a data center and a capacity of 50 services, the region has interconnectivity with Microsoft Azure so that customers can take their workloads to the cloud regions of Oracle and Microsoft in the country. The company did not disclose the value of the investments.

Now, the company reaches its 3rd region in Latin America and the 30th in the world. Oracle aims to reach 38 regions by the end of 2021. At the announcement event Rodrigo Galvão, president of Oracle Brazil, opened the possibility of opening more regions data centers in other parts of Brazil. “Not only in Brasilia, but also in more central regions of Brazil, that we have some projects in this line. Nothing has been achieved, but it is something that is being discussed, it is on our agenda ”, he said.

The first data center region was implemented in the capital São Paulo. Added to that of Vinhedo, the two structures allow the customer to establish a strategy of deploying applications in geographically separate places for disaster recovery.

Among the reasons that motivated again, the choice of the state of São Paulo for the implantation, is the high demand for services. In addition, the region needed to be close to Microsoft’s data center and the first data center in order to maintain low latency. According to company tests, this value has reached 1 millisecond.

The Vinhedo cloud region will have continuous availability of up to 99.995%. It will provide Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. This includes Oracle Autonomous Database, Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud VMware solution, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Cloud Applications. It will also favor customers with restricted access to servers outside the national territory.

The initiative has already been adhered to by TIM Brasil, which is migrating its mission-critical data to the cloud from Oracle and Microsoft. Other customers are Sky.One, Rumo Logística and SKY. The latter said it plans to migrate 80% of its datacenters to Oracle’s cloud infrastructure later this year.

The railway company Rumo uses the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which received the equivalent of 150 terabytes of company information during the pandemic. The president of Oracle Brasil, did not open the amount of cloud customers that the company has in Brazil, but said it was in the thousands.


Source: Telesintese

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