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Internet Marketing: The Importance of a Domain Name

The domain name is the entry to your site. The address people type in their browsers to get to it. You need to pay attention to it, because your company name will not always be the best domain name you can get for your website. There are certain considerations you should keep in mind when choosing the domain name you will use:

· your domain name should be easy to remember for the intended audience

· your domain name should contain keywords so it helps your site positioning in search engines.

With these in mind, you will soon discover that is not always the best alternative. It depends on whether you have a well established company, with a known name, or you are starting your business.

The domain name is a tool you can use to help your business grow. So don’t miss the opportunity. Spend the necessary time thinking about possible domain names, and trying to find their good and bad aspects.

A good idea is to get more than one domain name and point them to the same website. So if people type or they type they get to the same website. This way you can still use your company name as domain name, and also some other keyword rich name you register.

Another good idea is to register common variations of your chosen domain name. For example, if you register, you could also register or

Once you come up with the domain name(s) you want to use, you need to register them. The first step is to check if they are available, because they could have been already registered by someone else. Once you have verified this, you can register them for a period of time, and they will be yours to use for that period. You can always renew them afterwards, before the period expires.


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