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Google Maps shows links to GTA 5 pirate and download movies

Google Maps, which serves as one of the best navigation tools out there, has also been used by some users to distribute links that lead to pirated movie downloads and even GTA 5 – which is not the version on sale that Epic Games Store recently released.

GTA 5 dentro do Google Maps

The internal tool of the search giant’s map service that is used is My Maps, which allows the user to create maps and routes, to share with others. It is very interesting for tourism, since in addition to marking the places, it is possible to insert comments and even links on each personalized map.

It is precisely at this point that piracy takes advantage. There is no internal Google Maps search for My Maps maps, but it is possible to use Google itself so that the search is done only within the service’s website and that easily delivers hundreds of results when the correct term is entered.

Filme Torrent no Google Maps

(movie download)

In a search for “torrent”, 887 results appeared in the search engine and they involve several links to movies, series and games. The second result displays more than 5,000 views within My Maps, which makes it clear that the link is not that hidden. Searching for GTA 5, the first link, which points to an area of New Delhi, says it has been shown more than 12,000 times.

The use of Google Maps, which is a reliable site and which ranks well in almost any search, has been happening for a long time. The specialized website TorrentFreak points out that since 2017 it has already found links to downloads within personalized maps.

On the Google side, the search giant has been removing some links when game or movie companies complain on the basis of copyright. It would be more interesting to insert a filter for words like Torrent, so that any map created within the tool falls under manual analysis when it is accompanied by a link to an external website.


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