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Anonymous reveals 28GB of secret Russian Central Bank documents


Hacktivist group Anonymous this weekend leaked a volume with 35,000 files belonging to the Central Bank of Russia. The leak, which had already been announced last week, brings details of investments, agreements and negotiations made by the government of Vladimir Putin with the country’s oligarchs, local and international companies and also other countries, revealing partnerships that were secret to the public and also records. conversations between the parties involved.

Among the leaks, for example, are recordings of conferences between President Vladimir Putin, government officials and other leaders or businessmen, as well as records of transactions and trade agreements between the countries. E-mails from Kremlin officials are also part of the volume, as are screenshots of the Russian administration’s internal systems, securities transfer notes, lists of strategic investments and other inside information that should not come into the public eye.

Internal analyzes show that the records date from 1999 onwards and also include personal data of representatives of banks, companies and the government itself, with the right to copies of passports, addresses, bank information and lists of shareholders of state-owned and large companies. In total, there are 28 GB of files released last Friday night (25), after being announced days before by the hacktivist group.

Anonymous called this one of the biggest revelations since it opened war against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, with digital activities continuing to pressure the government to withdraw troops and stop the attacks, as well as inform the population about the theme.


Anonymous Leaked Documents Promise Russia’s “Deep Secrets”

While digital security experts and the press continue to analyze the gigantic volume leaked, Anonymous’s promise is that the leak will reveal deep secrets of Russia’s relationship with other countries, especially those linked to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). On the agenda, too, would be the level of influence of Russian oligarchs in Russian politics and its foreign relations.

The idea is that, at the very least, the leak of the documents will give the international community a better idea of the real state of the Russian economy and its relationships with other countries, especially neighbors, and large companies that invest there. Sanctions, pressures and other economic attitudes could also be taken from this, as a way of generating greater pressure on the government to end armed conflicts.

So far, the Russian government has not commented on the matter, not even to confirm or deny the veracity of the documents. The invasion of Ukraine completed one month last week, with the city of Mariupol being the main focus of armed conflicts, while a new round of peace talks is scheduled to take place starting this Tuesday (29) in Istanbul, Turkey. Despite the meeting, there is no expectation of a ceasefire agreement.


Source: CanalTech

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